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Aims and Scope
BioImpacts (BI) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary international journal, covering original research articles, reviews, commentaries, hypotheses, methodologies, and visions/reflections dealing with all aspects of biological and biomedical researches at molecular, cellular, functional and translational dimensions, including:

  •  Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary  and transdisciplinary advanced science and technologies towards translational medicine
  •  Pharmaceutical nanobiotechnology (nanobiomedicines, theranostics/diapeutics, hybrid nanosystems such as bispecific antibodies and aptamers)
  •  Advanced targeted nanobiosensing and imaging 
  •  Integration of advanced approaches (genomics, proteomics, cytomics and metabolomics) technologies with biomedical/pharmaceutical sciences
  •  Biomaterial and natural products impacts in biomedical sciences - works that assess the natural products in life sciences must also include mechanism(s) of the action of natural products
  •  Cell therapy and gene therapy
  •  Regenerative medicines (tissue engineering, stem cells, bioengineering) 
  •  Translation of the basic biomedical/pharmaceutical sciences into in vivo applications
  •  Mathematical modeling and bioinformatics in medical and pharmaceutical sciences
  •  Clinical trials and reports on advanced pharmaceuticals and biologicals 
  •  Therapeutic biomacromolecules and biologicals (mAbs, vaccines)
  •  Advanced nanobioconjugates and radiopharmaceuticals
  •  Lab-on-a-chip; Cell-on-a-chip; Tissue/organ-on-a-chip
  •  Researches related to philosophy of pharmaceutical/medical sciences

BioImpacts deals with Integrative researches towards translational medicine.

BioImpacts as a peer-reviewed international journal, publishes papers on bench-to-bedside translational aspects of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. As a "Publish Free" and "Access Free" journal, BioImpacts applies a constructive peer-review process with free editing service to benefit the scientific community.