Bioimpacts. 2018;8(3):185-194.
doi: 10.15171/bi.2018.21
PMID: 30211078
PMCID: PMC6128975
Scopus id: 85050670106
WOS: 000442045800005
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Original Research

Gallic acid and curcumin induce cytotoxicity and apoptosis in human breast cancer cell MDA-MB-231

Hassan Moghtaderi 1, Houri Sepehri 1 * , Ladan Delphi 1, Farnoosh Attari 1

1 Department of Animal Biology, School of Biology, College of Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: Gallic acid (GA) and curcumin (Cur) are natural phenolic compounds that their anti-tumor effects on many types of cancers have been proved. In the current study, the effect of the combination of these agents on MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells was investigated.
Methods: Inhibition of cell proliferation (MTT assay), light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, cell cycle analysis, nitrite detection, ROS levels, measurement of the mitochondrial membrane potential, GSH level, Annexin V assay, RT-PCR and Western blotting methods were applied.
Results: The results revealed the combination of GA and Cur strongly decreased MDA-MB-231 cell growth. Moreover, this combination increased ROS level and cytotoxic activity along with the glutathione depletion in MDA-MB-231 cells. Flow cytometry analysis showed the combination of GA and Cur increased sub-G1 cell population. Furthermore, fluorescent staining and Annexin V/PI assay showed that apoptotic cells were significantly increased in the presence of GA and Cur. At last, protein expression evaluation showed that the combination of GA and Cur significantly decreased Bcl-2 level while increased Bax, cleaved-caspase3 and PARP levels in MDA-MB-231 cells.
Conclusion: These results suggest that GA in combination with Cur could be a possible candidate for chemoprevention agent of triple negative breast cancer.
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Submitted: 26 Sep 2017
Revised: 26 Feb 2018
Accepted: 01 Mar 2018
First published online: 05 Mar 2018
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