Aims and Scope
BioImpacts (BI) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary international journal, covering original research articles, reviews, commentaries, hypotheses, methodologies, and visions/reflections dealing with all aspects of pharmaceutical and biomedical researches at molecular, cellular, functional, and translational dimensions, including:

 Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary advanced science and technologies towards translational medicine

 Pharmaceutical nanobiotechnology (nanobiomedicines, theranostics/diapeutics, hybrid nanosystems such as bispecific antibodies and aptamers)

 Advanced targeted nanobiosensing and imaging 

 Integration of advanced approaches (genomics, proteomics, cytomics, and metabolomics) technologies with biomedical/pharmaceutical sciences

 Biomaterials and natural products impacts in biomedical sciences - works that assess the natural products in life sciences must also include mechanism(s) of the action of natural products

 Cell therapy and gene therapy

 Regenerative medicines (tissue engineering, stem cells, bioengineering) 

 Translation of the basic biomedical/pharmaceutical sciences into in vivo applications

 Mathematical modeling and bioinformatics in medical and pharmaceutical sciences

 Clinical trials and reports on advanced pharmaceuticals and biologicals 

 Therapeutic biomacromolecules and biologicals (mAbs, vaccines)

 Advanced nanobioconjugates

 Lab-on-a-chip; Cell-on-a-chip; Tissue/organ-on-a-chip

 Researches related to the philosophy of pharmaceutical/medical sciences