Bioimpacts. 2020;10(4): 243-250. doi: 10.34172/bi.2020.31
PMID: 32983940        PMCID: PMC7502906

Original Research

Promoter methylation and expression pattern of DLX3, ATF4, and FRA1 genes during osteoblastic differentiation of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Sevda Rahimzadeh 1,2 ORCID, Reza Rahbarghazi 1, Somayeh Aslani 2, Hadi Rajabi 2, Zeinab Latifi 2, Majid Farshdousti Hagh 3, Alireza Nourazarian 2, Hojjatollah Nozad Charoudeh 4, Mohammad Nouri 5 * ORCID, Alireza Abhari 1,2 * ORCID

Cited by CrossRef: 1

1- Liu L, Hu L, Yang L, Jia S, Du P, Min X, Wu J, Wu H, Long H, Lu Q, Zhao M. UHRF1 downregulation promotes T follicular helper cell differentiation by increasing BCL6 expression in SLE. Clin Epigenet. 2021;13(1) [Crossref]

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