BioImpacts. 2021;11(1): 45-52. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.06
PMID: 33469507        PMCID: PMC7803922

Original Research

PLGA/TiO2 nanocomposite scaffolds for biomedical applications: fabrication, photocatalytic, and antibacterial properties

Seyedeh Sogol Pelaseyed 1 ORCID, Hamid Reza Madaah Hosseini 1 * ORCID, Zeinab Nokhbedehghan 2,3, Ali Samadikuchaksaraei 2,3,4

Cited by CrossRef: 0

1- Andrade-Guel M, Ávila-Orta C, Cabello-Alvarado C, Cadenas-Pliego G, Esparza-González S, Pérez-Alvarez M, Quiñones-Jurado Z. Non-Woven Fabrics Based on Nanocomposite Nylon 6/ZnO Obtained by Ultrasound-Assisted Extrusion for Improved Antimicrobial and Adsorption Methylene Blue Dye Properties. Polymers. 2021;13(11):1888 [Crossref]

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