Original Research
Majid Gholipour* ORCID, Arezoo Tabrizi ORCID
Bioimpacts. 2020;10(4): 251-257. doi: 10.34172/bi.2020.32
PMCID: PMC7502907     PMID: 32983941     Scopus ID: 85092016587    
Increased MAP4K1 expression did not influence Lats1 activation. The exercise training protocol suppressed Mst1 and Lats1 (Hippo pathway) and caused an increase in Yap1 expression level, which led to physiological cardiac hypertrophy in healthy rats.
Original Research
Mozhgan Ghobadi Pour ORCID, Naser Mirazi* ORCID, Hojatollah Alaei, Maryam Radahmadi, Ziba Rajaei, Alireza Monsef Esfahani
Bioimpacts. 2020;10(3): 177-186. doi: 10.34172/bi.2020.22
PMCID: PMC7416014     PMID: 32793440     Scopus ID: 85089309823    
The rat cirrhotic model is made by using thioacetamide hepatotoxin for 18 weeks. The cirrhotic rats treated to some degrees by using lactulose and silymarin known standard drugs for 8 weeks.