Letter to the Editor COVID-19
Yosef Masoudi-Sobhanzadeh* ORCID
Bioimpacts. 2020;10(3): 205-206. doi: 10.34172/bi.2020.25
PMCID: PMC7416005     PMID: 32793443     Scopus ID: 85089710496    
This letter aims to introduce drug repurposing methods and the existing challenges to detect candidate drugs which may be helpful in controlling COVID-19.
Mini Review
Yadollah Omidi* ORCID, Hossein Omidian
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 227-233. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.29
PMCID: PMC8314036     PMID: 34336611     Scopus ID: 85109081223    
Transformation of the academic pharmaceutical and biomedical research centers towards innovative R & D hubs is a dynamic nested complex matter, which can be accomplished via a partnership with pharmaceutical and biomedical manufacturers as well as established and emerging contract research organizations.