Original Research
Ysrafil Ysrafil* ORCID, Indwiani Astuti ORCID
BioImpacts. 2022;12(3): 195-202. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.22119
PMCID: PMC9124874     PMID: 35677668     Scopus ID: 85132077892    
Chitosan nanoparticle antimiRNA-324-5p could inhibit ovarian cancer proliferation by reduce endogenous miRNA-324-5p to lead restoration of MEN1 and generates repression of GLI1 expression.
Original Article
Mitra Torabi ORCID, Ayuob Aghanejad*, Pouria Savadi ORCID, Abolfazl Barzegari, Yadollah Omidi ORCID, Jaleh Barar* ORCID
Bioimpacts. 2023;13(3): 255-267. doi: 10.34172/bi.2023.25298
PMCID: PMC10329750     PMID: 37431477     Scopus ID: 85158830047    
Owing to their unique advantages, mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNPs) have attracted much attention for drug delivery and targeting. In the current study, MSNPs were fabricated, PEGylated, loaded with sunitinib, and conjugated with mucin-16 aptamer to target CA125 on ovarian cancer cells.