Sepideh Parvizpour, Jafar Razmara, Yadollah Omidi* ORCID
Bioimpacts. 2018;8(3): 223-235. doi: 10.15171/bi.2018.25
PMCID: PMC6128970     PMID: 30211082     Scopus ID: 85050689925     WOS: 000442045800009    
Original Research
Sepideh Parvizpour, Jafar Razmara, Mohammad M. Pourseif, Yadollah Omidi* ORCID
Bioimpacts. 2019;9(1): 45-56. doi: 10.15171/bi.2019.06
PMCID: PMC6378095     PMID: 30788259     Scopus ID: 85060470196     WOS: 000462994200006    
Using immunoinformatic tools, a multi-epitope peptide vaccine (consisting of CD8+cytotoxic T lymphocytes epitopes, helper epitopes and adjuvant) was designed to combat the triple-negative breast cancer. The vaccine showed acceptable immunogenicity and potential to stimulate both cellular and humoral immune responses.
Original Research
Soraya Mirzaei ORCID, Jafar Razmara* ORCID, Shahriar Lotfi
BioImpacts. 2021;11(4): -.
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