Alireza Farnam is a Professor of Psychiatry at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, with main expertise in Personology, Psychanalysis, Neurosciences and Clinical psychiatry research. His recent researches fo­cus on neuro-psychiatry, neuro-philosophy and self-awareness.
Perspective COVID-19
Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi* ORCID
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 169-172. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.12
PMCID: PMC8314034     PMID: 34336604    
A schematic representation of the application of viral interference phenomenon in prophylaxis of COVID-19. The viral interference is a competition phenomenon by which a primary virus infecting a cell prohibits the infection of the same cell by another (secondary) virus.
Original Research
Mohammad Amjadi* ORCID, Tooba Hallaj, Niko Hildebrandt
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 173-179. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.23
PMCID: PMC8314039     PMID: 34336605    
A fluorescence method based on Tb-to-QD time-resolved FRET was developed for G9a assay.
Original Research
Mehmet Dumlu Aydin* ORCID, Aybike Aydin, Ozgur Caglar ORCID, Muhammed Enes Aydin ORCID, Erdem Karadeniz ORCID, Kemal Alp Nalci, Rabia Demirtas
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 181-185. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.26
PMCID: PMC8314032     PMID: 34336606    
Histological view of the pancreas, pancreatic arteries, and appearances of taste bud-like structuresaround PA, Langerhans cells.
Original Research
Aditya Rao Rao Shimoga Janakirama* ORCID, Suma Mathad Shivayogi, Jamuna Kolkar Satyanarayana, Ramesh Chapeyil Kumaran
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 187-197. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.09
PMCID: PMC8314033     PMID: 34336607    
From Phytochemicals to Biologically active natural product drugs.
Original Research
Ranjita Misra* ORCID, Bamadeb Patra, Sudha Varadharaj, Rama Shanker Verma* ORCID
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 199-207. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.27
PMCID: PMC8314031     PMID: 34336608    
Formulation of siRNA adsorbed drug loaded cationic PLGA NPs. Treatment of cells with siRNA adsorbed drug loaded cationic NPs leads to endosomal escape of drugs and siRNA, thereby increasing the efficiency of the therapeutic components inducing more cytotoxicity.
Original Research
Zeinab Ghaffarinovin ORCID, Omid Soltaninia, Yousef Mortazavi, Abdolreza Esmaeilzadeh, Samad Nadri* ORCID
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 209-217. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.28
PMCID: PMC8314035     PMID: 34336609    
The simultaneous application of fibrous scaffold + AF-MSCs + PRP has positive effects on bone regeneration.
Original Research
Zeinab Karimi ORCID, Sahar Janfeshan, Elias Kargar Abarghouei, Seyedeh-Sara Hashemi* ORCID
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 219-226. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.31
PMCID: PMC8314037     PMID: 34336610    
Renal functional and structural disturbance induced by renal bilateral ischemia/reperfusion. However, administration of bone marrow stem cell (1.5×106 cells, i.p., per rat) improved renal function and appearance. Protective effect of BMSCs related to modulation of mRNA expression of TLR2 and TLR4.
Mini Review
Yadollah Omidi* ORCID, Hossein Omidian
BioImpacts. 2021;11(3): 227-233. doi: 10.34172/bi.2021.29
PMCID: PMC8314036     PMID: 34336611    
Transformation of the academic pharmaceutical and biomedical research centers towards innovative R & D hubs is a dynamic nested complex matter, which can be accomplished via a partnership with pharmaceutical and biomedical manufacturers as well as established and emerging contract research organizations.